RX9 Rumors Won’t Die

Again, there is considerable speculation that Mazda will be unveiling a new RX9 model sports car packed with their patented rotary engine and over 300hp.

The RX9 is one of the most anticipated non-confirmed cars on the market right now and there is a great following for the car that has developed over the last couple of years. Last year Car and Driver released an article where Mazda was denying existence of the car. Well, we have one inside source that tells us that there is indeed a car in the works but it hasn’t been approved.

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RX9 To be a Reality?

Many sources have cited CarandDriver.com saying the Mazda RX9 is just a concept car and won’t be a reality. This may be true but you have to ask yourself one question. Can Mazda afford not to manufacture this car? The RX8 sales barely topped 200 for last quarter and that’s down right terrible. In comparison the past model RX7 during the same point in its life span was doing over 2,500. In my honest opinion Mazda needs to make the RX9 a reality, or shut down shop with its sport models.

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Mazda RX-9 Returns to Old

The 2012 Mazda RX-9 is ditching the RX-8 diggs and returning to the foundation that made the RX-7 so popular and beloved.

The RX-9 will ditch the 4 door look and return to the more sporty 2 door concept.  It will boast the 16x rotary engine and thanks to Toyota will also be a hybrid.  They will borrow the technology for Toyota hybrid drive.  More info coming soon.

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